The Next Cool Video Games Worth Playing

In video games on July 7, 2010 at 4:31 am

Since E3 there has been a ton of coverage of what was seen, presented and played. I’ve been glued to the computer since June 15th and I even caught some presentations on television. I can’t say I was as impressed as I’ve been the last two years but there were a few standouts. Below is brief write up of what you should keep on your radar and why. Sure, there were a lot of games and definately enough content to get nerdy over. But, I say we keep it simple. Let’s highlight what’s cool. You know, the games and/or hardware that you should check out if and when you’re in the mood for some electronic entertainment!



The question is do they want to. Microsoft revealed what they believe to be “the next big thing!” It’s a camera (dubbed Kinect) that will let you play games without the use of a controller. The camera simply reads your body movement. Now, last year the product was endorsed on stage by director Steven Speilberg which was great! As you may remember Spielberg featured similar technology in his 2002 flick, Minority Report. However, this year the product had it’s unveiling through a Cirque du Soleil performance which apparently was not so great! The buzz for Kinect has been mixed and I admit to not being that impressed with it myself but, there is one game for that people have unanimously raved over. [Note: you have to have an Xbox 360 to play it]. 


I think Dance Central might take off. Created by the same people who made Guitar Hero, the game shows a group of animated dancers on screen. The dancers, dressed up like little b-boys and b-girls do some dance moves and you, the player have to physically mimic the moves. The better you are at nailing the dance moves the more points you get. If you mess up the Kinect camera will know. The game plays back a recording of you doing the dance moves, it features some pretty good songs (I heard M.I.A., some Kanye West and Poison by old school B.B.D.). I don’t think the guys are going to care too much for it but, trust me, your girlfriend and her girlfriends are going to love it. Expect commercials during episodes of America’s Best Dance Crew.


Publisher, EA and company Visceral Games, showed off Dead Space 2 at the Sony Conference. Scheduled to release in February 2011, DS2 comes out for the Xbox 360 and the PS3. The latter version will include another game, Dead Space: Extraction, a prequel to the original title that was released on the Wii. Folks can play it with the Move, a Wii like controller made by Sony that is more precise. 
I did a write up of the original Dead Space a few years ago. It was  a little long but the point of the piece was to highlight how effective the game was as a horror product. Video games have largely been considered a niche hobby. They’re inaccessible for people who are not familiar with a traditional controller. It isn’t as if a person can’t use one. People learn to use remote controls, keyboards, etc. But, to your average Joe or Jane the controller has so many buttons, the screen can at times have so much confusing information that I understand how it can be intimidating or even frustrating to play a video game. Furthermore, the language that people use to describe video games to a person that doesn’t play makes very little sense. I get it. People don’t enjoy frustration. But, we do love to be scared! Dead Space the game is the scariest thing you can experience that has been released in the last 5 years. To miss playing it is like missing The Sixth Sense when it was released in the theater. This is a game that will make learning how to use a controller worth it.


You ever see those people playing with a little portable game machine? You see them on public transportation? Kids might be playing it in the back seat of the car? Nintendo has been making them for years. They’re really good at and from what people tell me (I don’t play portable games) they’re fun to play. Since Nintendo is no stranger to good ideas they have a new product coming out called the 3DS. I honestly have to see this one to believe it but the 3DS is a handheld game machine that produces a 3D image without 3D  glasses. That even sounds cool. Not only can you play games on it in 3D but you can also look at pictures in and watch movies in 3D, again without the glasses. Expect this to blow up all over the television when it gets close to a release date (they say, 2011). Expect people using it on BART to look stoned. Expect your kids to want one. And, expect it to cost about $250.00. 


There were a bunch of these games at E3 (too many if you ask me). There was Bulletstorm, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Killzone 3 and seriously a ton more (too many if you ask me) but company id stole the show with Rage. The new series from the makers of the Doom franchise, Rage has all the critics raving about it. If you played Fallout 3 last year, it’s like that but better. If you didn’t, it’s like The Road Warrior or Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, the post apocalyptic popcorn movies with Mel Gibson before he went crazy.

That’s it for the most Buzz worthy. Stay tuned tomorrow for what personally stuck out for me and why.

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