MUST SEE: Educators Lecture on the Future of American Public Education

In Education on July 16, 2010 at 1:35 am

I watched this a few months ago. It is the best breakdown of the movement to reform public school education that I’ve seen yet.

The video features lectures at New York University by Diane Ravitch, former Assistant Secretary of Education to George H.W. Bush. Lois Weiner, Professor in the College of Education at New Jersey City University gives a wonderfully detailed and chilling explanation of school reform offering both current and historical context. And finally, Edward Fergus, Deputy Director of the Metropolitan Center for Urban Education at New York University discusses the pitfalls of special education programs. It appears to be out of place considering the lectures of Ravitch and Weiner but his lecture sheds some light on why No Child Left Behind and the current Rise to the Top education plan by the Obama Administration will have a dire effect on low income youth. 

It’s a fantastic video and the kind of thing you can watch or listen to and work at the same time. If you want to get an idea of how these issues are affecting people in the U.S. check out the second video below. Featured in the video are powerful testimonies from parents, teachers, students and activists in Chicago. It is a beautiful example of organized people from different cultural backgrounds coming together to create positive systemic change for working class people. Chicago is ground zero for the struggle against school reform. What they are doing over there is amazing.

Check out both videos below. 

Educators Lecture at New York University 

Chicago Struggles Against Renaissance 2010


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