Feature: Brandon Brown of thePeople Party

In Black Oakland Renaissance, Film on August 31, 2010 at 7:14 am


Heads up, everyone!


Danger Brain and Freshloveink are brewing up a multi-media project. This is how it came about: One day, MannyBlack and I were sitting on my steps (I live across the street from Lake Merritt) admiring the view after a great weekend of music, art, discussion and beautiful black people. So we asked ourselves, “Are we living in the middle of a Black Oakland Renaissance?” If so, “what is it? And “What does a Black Oakland Renaissance mean? How do other black people in Oakland feel about this?”


These questions started a long debate that sparked an idea. We decided to capture as much media as we could on black people in Oakland doing extraordinary, and in some cases beautifully ordinary, things.


The first person we talked to was Brandon Brown, one of the co-organizers of thePeople party. thePeople is one of the Bay Area’s hottest dance parties, housed right out of Oakland. Currently, at the New Parrish in downtown Oakland, they throw down once a month and feature some of the Bay Area’s freshest soul house music. If you haven’t been there – you’re missing out.

Periodically, I’ll be posting clips of what we’ve been hearing from Brandon and other folks right here on Danger Brain.


Let me know what you think.


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