Great Articles from America’s Teachers

In Education on October 1, 2010 at 12:43 am

If you want to check out how Americas teachers are feeling about Arne Duncan’s education reform check out the Special Back to School Issue of of The Indypendent Magazine – “Why Our Schools are Broken and How to Fix Them”.

There’s some good reading in here. The articles are fairly short and to the point but what I like most is they’re written mostly by practitioners and in some cases students. The text isn’t too academic. It’s very personal and really gives a sense of how these changes are effecting teachers, students and parents. I’ll list three that stood out to me below.

Tested to the Limit by high school teacher Arthur Goldstein. Goldstein gives his perspective on how test taking has changed his students.

The Absence of Curiosity by UC Irvine Assistant Professor Lucas Hilderbrand is a perfect compliment to Goldsteins’ piece. Hilderbrand talks about how the high stakes testing type of learning is affecting students on a college level.

Why Teachers Unions Matter by Professor of Education Lois Werner of New Jersey City University talks about the relevance of teachers unions. Teachers unions have received some terrible press lately and it’s clear that the public misunderstands what role the unions play in K-12 education. I thought Werner’s piece did a good job of clearing this up in a nice, brief column.

There’s a lot more in the free on line article. Give it a read.

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