Red Dead Redemption’s Religious Undertones

In video games on October 1, 2010 at 12:43 am

Red Dead Redemption is so good they were talking about it on NPR the other day. The title has garnered a well deserved commercial and critical acclaim.

Having been out for the past few months the critics have started to sink their teeth into it. I’ve read some pretty interesting stuff but I thought Richard Clarks opinion piece on Gamasutra really stuck out.

He discusses how Red Dead Redemption deals with faith and spirituality. He makes the point that faith is something a developer would never talk about to the media but the subject is presented as plain as day.

I agreed before I read it but afterwards it made me see things I didn’t quite notice before. Made me even want to go back and play it again.

Check out the article. It’s a good read even if you’re not into video games since the article is essentially about faith in the context of a video game story. If you’re just trying to stay abreast to what’s going on in this curious little (but growing) world – you should read it.

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