A New Face at the Grammy’s

In video games on February 16, 2011 at 11:59 pm

Wow! It feels like yesterday that I was playing Combat at Ronnie K’s fathers house in Hunters Point. Lips red from stolen Now & Laters bought from the neighborhood candy lady. Some guy name Curtis Blow was rappin’ about something called hip hop on the radio. A joystick with one red button in hand. Two horribly drawn tanks shooting squares at each other. A small Zenith television with hanger wire working as antennas sat atop a dresser.

That was 1985. It’s 2011 and my favorite childhood pastimes have gone mainstream. A white cat name Eminem just won a Grammy for Best Rap Album and Christopher Tin won the first ever Grammy for video game theme, “Baba Yetu.”

First, the announcement that video games will officially be considered art in 2012. Now, the Grammy’s are handing out awards to video game composers. Things do change.


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