The Smithsonian to Feature “The Art of Video Games” Exhibit in 2012

In Education, video games on February 16, 2011 at 4:56 am

Next year, the Smithsonian Museum will feature a video game exhibition. The Smithsonian!! Billing it as an artistic medium, the purpose of the museum is to feature “the 40-year evolution of video games… with a focus on striking visual effects, the creative use of new technologies, and the most influential artists and designers.”

In 2010 film critic legend Roger Ebert famously said “that no video gamer now living will survive long enough to experience the medium as an art form.” Considering how much of a stir his spar with the video game community went at the time, I find this hilarious. A quick look at the nominees include games that both Ebert and Kellee Santiago failed to discuss.

I think its kinda cool that a few of the nominees are titles that have been made over and recently re-released (or soon to be re-released) such as, Fallout, Pac Man, Deus Ex, Starcraft and Micheal Jackson’s Moonwalker. I’ve always said that a sign of a healthy industry is one that honors its legends. This is a big step.

On a another note, this is pretty exciting news and it comes a day after Christopher Tin won the first ever Grammy for a video game theme.

The Smithsonian is letting people vote on the games that are going to be featured at the exhibit. If you want to vote you have to register first. Check out the site at the link here.


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