Ice T Providing Perspective, Part 3

In Culture, video games on February 25, 2011 at 12:03 am

“[My girl] has a theory of games, a one-sentence comment: “At least you know where they are.” [Laughs] You wanna b—- about your man sitting in the house, but there’s a lot of s— he could be doing. Have him put that controller down and I bet he hits the door! She started learning how to play with me.


Ahhh, the unspoken but terribly important aspect of gaming – your girl. I use to tell my friends this all the time. The truth is, guys will often purposely grab a game they know they will get into just to stay their asses at home. They will plan to play games with their buddies, who also have girlfriends, for the same reason.  I would go so far as to say that if your man isn’t into video games or something similar (painting, working on cars, etc) you should be worried.

Men know when they shouldn’t be in the streets. This is our attempt at being faithful. I know it seems a little strange, ladies. Just go with it. So, getting into a video game in an attempt to keep oneself home? Unfortunately, this plan has one drawback. In a man’s attempt to be monogamous through the purchase of digital entertainment, if he has done his job properly, he is most likely giving it a lot of attention. And, women hate seeing their man give anything more attention than them, especially if they’re around to see it.

I have a friend who, in the type of man-wisdom that makes other men cringe, came up with a novel idea on how to please he and his woman. He put two televisions in his room. He placed them side by side. His girl would watch cable on one t.v. and he would play games on the other one. Needless to say, that relationship didn’t work out.

Another guy I know is a vocal gamer. Meaning, when he plans to strap on an AK47 to hunt for virtual bear, he yells out after every kill (Now, ladies, you’re probably going to want to figure out why men like being pre-occupied with killing people, things and whole places at times. Don’t. Remember, that not long ago we were responsible for a little something called “hunting and gathering.” We could even get away with killing someone who got in the way of any hunting and gathering. But, recent domestic and international laws have conspired with millions of these God forsaken things called supermarkets to prevent us from our potentially genetic inclinations. That is where the games come in). Now back to “one guy I know is a vocal gamer.” Eventually, she got fed up. We came over to his crib one day salivating at the thought of jumping into one of his games but, his MIT graduate of a wife figured out how to activate the parental controls. Effectively, labeling him a ten year old.


What does Ice T have to say about this?


“I think that’s where guys lose it with their girls. Find a time when she’s reading a book or doing something else and get into it. Don’t let it override reality, or you’re gonna pick your game over your girl and that’s gonna be a bad move. Then, you’ll have full-time to be [a] f—in’ gamer nerd. You’ll be talking about your kill/death ratio with your buddies. F— that”


I agree.

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