Goofin’ Around at Natabugs

In Black Oakland Renaissance on March 2, 2011 at 11:01 pm


In the Fall I posted a few video clips of Brandon Brown of The (super hot!) People Party in Oakland. The footage was a part of a Black Oakland Renaissance Project Julian (freshloveink.com) and I have been working on. Don’t fret. The project is still underway. We’ve interviewed quite a few people but I’ve been sitting on the footage.


No more.


Over the next few weeks I’ll be throwing up some interview footage of Jenna Burton (“Red, Bike & Green“), Michael Orange (“Top Ten Social Club”), Brandon Brown and more. To wet your appetite I’m posting some outtakes. I have some hilarious footage that isn’t meant to be used but screw it. It would be a shame not to post this stuff. 🙂


We were set to interview Jenna Burton this day but we didn’t have a place to shoot it. So, we decided to bum rush Natalie’s crib and hijack her coach. In this clip, Julian is giving me a sound check while Natalie and Jenna are talking mess about us in the background. We spent a good 45 minutes eating her food before we got started. Natalie’s a great host. And, her fridge is always full, y’all.


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