Portraits of Oakland: Brandon Brown

In Black Oakland Renaissance on March 10, 2011 at 5:13 am


I love the interview footage we got of Brandon Brown. He’s such a lecturer. You can tell he is a serious reader and thinker (it was honestly the reason why we decided to film him with books in the background). You can’t tell from this particular clip, but the brotha is sipping a warm cup of tea and sitting on African pillows. I thought it was most appropriate.  Julian and I had a great time interviewing Brandon which felt more  like a conversation amongst men. Brandon was comfortable with a camera in his face. Thankfully he wasn’t too distracted with the demanding direction I gave a few times, in the interest of a peaceful editing process, of course.


This was our first interview and in many ways it laid the groundwork of our focus. Brandon’s thoughts on Oakland really fell in line with our own instincts around what we were seeing in Oakland. Also, he provided some insightful opinion of the power of House Music and the Oakland cultural relevance of the People parties.


In this clip, Brandon makes a very interesting case, and perhaps even a blueprint, for Oakland as an American hub of innovation. Let me tell you, I’ve spent a lot of time looking over his footage and the brotha might be on to something. Give it a look. And, while you’re at it check out the clips of Michael Orange and (my new neighbor) Jenna Burton.


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