I Love Black Love

In Black Oakland Renaissance on March 18, 2011 at 6:53 am

I have a wonderful friend who organized a wonderful event a few weeks ago called B.L.I.P. (Black Love In Public). Now, check this out! She got a bunch of black people together in Oakland’s Frank Ogawa Plaza for the single purpose of expressing public love and affection for each other. In public! In the center of downtown Oakland! And, guess what? They showed up and it worked.

I was not present for the event but I hear that it was amazing! The people who attended the event were filled with enthusiasm. Amid the depressing report that Oakland has lost 20% of their population (although I hesitate to believe they are including our African and Carribean brother and sisters) it made me feel good to hear about a group black, brown, caramel, mocha and chestnut colored black people hugging and smiling each other for no reason other than to just do it.


For more amazing pictures and video check out the C-Proof site. They took some great pictures and video of the event. And, Eboni? Eboni is a beautiful spirit and courageous, I think, for putting something like this together. Check out the video of her explaining BLiP below. And, stay tuned. I should have my own interview of Eboni – soon. If she would return my emails, that is. Too busy hugging black folks in Oakland.



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