USF Upward Bounds Candlelight Vigil

In Education on March 22, 2011 at 4:45 am


I posted a few weeks back about the University of San Francisco’s decision to discontinue sponsoring a successful, forty year old program the services low income and first generation college youth. Since then there has been some success. The university, I hear, is feeling the backlash from students, staff, and outside parties. However, the decision has not been reversed. People who are helping out with the campaign are asking people to continue to send in letters of support.


For more information, check out my previous post. This decision by USF is yet another bit of bad news at a time in this country where no cow is sacred, not even low income youth. Hearing stuff like this can only make one feel emotions best exemplified with “Ugh” and “Yuck.” It is bad news amongst a slew of other bad news. But, click the video above. I was present for the vigil and I felt the experience was positive and mostly uplifting. Some encouraging news came out of it. There were a lot of vocal youth and USF students present. At one point, a guy who lives across the street from the campus hung his speakers out of the window and played Bob Marley’s “Stand Up For Your Right.”  Sure, it was a moment of cheesy-San Francisco-liberal-cliche. But, at the time – it felt kinda good.


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