The Free Minds, Free People 2011 conference was a HUGE success

In Education on July 25, 2011 at 6:55 pm

I have been spending the last two years organizing the third bi-annual Free Minds, Free People conference, and I’m happy to announce that it is not only over, but better yet, a tremendous success.

“Free Minds, Free People is a national conference presented by the Education for Liberation Network, The Brotherhood/Sister Sol, the Chicago Freedom School and Youth in Action that brings together teachers, high school and college students, researchers, parents and community based activists/educators from across the country to build a movement to develop and promote education as a tool for liberation.”

Youth, educators, activists, cultural workers and community changemakers from around the country did in fact fly, bus, bike and walk to Providence for this historic event. And, yes it was an exciting time to be a part of a movement for democracy, diversity and justice.

I’m quoting our site because I’m presently at a loss for words, but I hope you’re catching the sincerity. It really was a great conference. But, don’t take my word for it. Check out the FMFP blog for tons of content that includes:

Write ups on workshops:

  • “Working Around the System: Social Justice Education in the Time of Standards”
  • “Teach Palestine!”
  • “Does it Matter if I’m White: The Role of White People in Racial Justice Activism,” co-organized by Harvard professor Mark R. Warren
  • The panel discussion “Asian American Youth Rising”
  • Written reports of the conference from FMFP committee member Biba Fullon and Executive Director of New Urban Arts, Jason Yoon.

Videos interviews of:

  • MC Chachi Carvalho.
  • Boston University Professor Leigh Patel Stevens discussing the plenary session “Charter Schools & Public Schools: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.”
  • Brandon Frame from The Black Man Can explaining the workshop “Free-mixing Education and Entrepreneurship: The Transformative Power of Hip Hop.”
  • Ziad Abbas of Middle East Children Alliance (MECA) and panelist for the “Teach Palestine” workshop talks to interviewee Tamar Sharabi.
  • Morna McDermott, Associate Professor of Education at Towson talks about the Out of the Box Doll-Making Activity and its use for the July 30th Save Ours Schools March in Washington.
  • A video of the conversation between Dr. Vincent Harding and undocumented-student activist Antonio Albizures-Lopez
  • A video footage of the aforementioned workshop “Does it Matter if I’m White: The Role of White People in Racial Justice Activism”

Video performances by:

There’s even downloadable material. The Annenberg Institute for School Reform provided us with a pdf of their annual magazine, Voices in Urban Education, and panelist Michele Renee let us upload her Powerpoint from one of the workshops mentioned above (Working around the system: Social Justice Education in the Time of Standards).

And, this is the part where I say…and more.


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