The Blogaboutech Mixtape, v. 1

In Culture, Technology on December 2, 2011 at 11:02 pm

At times when it comes to the Danger Brain blog I have nothing at all to talk about (and other times I’m ridiculously busy which is why I’ve been missing for so long) so, in an attempt to keep the words moving the Blogaboutech Mixtape is just that: a  “mixtape” of today’s more interesting tech news. Yeah, sure it deviates a bit from what I usually write about but hey, I’m trying something new.

Is Digital Money the New Way to Buy Drugs

Joe Brown of Gizmodo asked that question. Apparently, he knows a guy (who knows a guy) that bought some weed with a square account. According to Brown:

“As long as you don’t put some idiotic note on your account like “drugs,” virtual currency would be a really easy way for drug dealers to take one very dangerous aspect of trafficking out of the equation—as long as they took some precautions.”

This got me to thinking…not about drugs, mind you, but what if the homeless used this kind of payment method? Imagine if, instead of using the Street Smart newspapers to get a buck from people, you passed out cards with your account and people could transfer money to it and the same seamless way that one can use PayPal to buy Farmville items?

Yeah, laugh now! You’ll see.

More People to be Put out of Work in These Troubling Times

Software engineer, Ricky Robinett has launched a brand new site that is certain to put an alarming number of single women out of work. It’s called Fakegirlfriend.co. Popular amongst both single and married men, Robinett’s site allows men to have strategic and timely text messages sent to their phone with out having to court anyone for it.

Need to look good in front of the homies? Have a meeting that you desperately want to get out of? Getting these done is as easy as a few taps on your iPhone. As a matter of fact, Fakegirlfriend.co, which you can also program to call you, joins a series of other new sites that collectively make it much easier for male commitment-phobes to continue through life in relative comfort.

So, what about the girls? Are they going to get a similar service? If this isn’t funny enough, when asked about the possibility of a Fakeboyfriend.co, Rickett wasn’t sure. Apparently, the domain name is taken.

Introducing the Kindle Fire

Priced at $199.00, Amazon announced (awhile back) the brand new Kindle Fire. The tech world went ablaze after Wednesday’s press conference in New York. With many analysts believing that the new tablet will bite into a tremendous chunk of Apples market share reporters asked them to comment. The makers of the newly announced iPad 2 had this to say: “Um, yeah. We have more money than the American government.”And, yes they did provide that link over there.


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