New App Gives the New York Times a Needed Facelift

In Technology on December 12, 2011 at 9:38 pm

Well this is interesting, timely even. If you’re a New York Times reader you might have a serious bee in your bonnet over how much information there is on their web page. Seriously, check it out here.

Bad, ain’t it?

I mean, it’s the Times so they have great content and fantastic articles. I get it. But, there are entirely too many links in their design and its all in these tiny Times and Calibiri fonts. I’m not even sure where the fold ends on that behemoth of a site. Perhaps, you just want to go to good ‘ol NYT, find an article and read it. Makes sense to me. Well, it also makes sense to developer, Michael Donohoe who just made an app called Ochs which is exclusive — and free.99 — for Google Chrome.

The Ochs app increases the type, cleans up the clutter adding more white space, and my personal favorite: it limits NYT’s proclivity towards multiple page articles that you have to click over and over and over. It’s available now over at the Chrome Web Store.


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