Chrome is the New Silver

In Technology on December 15, 2011 at 12:10 am

It is December and apparently Google Chrome has passed up Firefox as the second most used web browser which makes me incredibly ashamed of myself. Y’see, I use Safari. No one informed me when I bought my Macbook Pro a year ago that browsers had become as trendy as phones which are now like shoes.

The teasing that I get for using the default Macbook browser reminds me of the elevated noses I experienced from the Pro Wing and Stadia shoes I use to wear in middle school. At the time, I never cared about looking cool or fashionable. I just wanted a nice pair of shoes to get me through the day. Of course, after all of the snide playground heckles I had to upgrade to Reeboks. Well, those aren’t that much of an upgrade but you get the point, right?

It’s bad enough that I’m starting to get self conscious about my Samsung Instinct. Sure, it isn’t as cool as the iPhone or the Android. OK, It isn’t even close, but, hey it get’s the job done. And, that is how I feel about my clunky little Safari. Sure, it drops on me often and occasionally I can’t watch any videos on it. So, what! Safari is like that old shirt we all have. Or, maybe it’s a pair of pants. Sure, it isn’t your best looking article of clothing. It isn’t going to win you any cool points when you’re wearing it. But, dammit when you have important things to do you need to feel comfortable. You need easily accessible pockets. You need to NOT be thinking about your weight. You need to feel like you’re wearing a part of yourself.

That, is my Safari. It is my old B.U.M. sports bag that I take with me to vacations in Mexico. Providence. Atlanta. It is the ripped up boxers from Hanes that I like to wear on warm days because they’re far more comfortable than the brand new pair I bought from Banana Republic. Safari is my ripped up sweat shirt or my dingy old baseball cap.

So, screw you browser snobs.

I like Safari.


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