The Blogaboutech Mixtape, v. 3

In Culture, Technology on January 6, 2012 at 12:20 am

At times when it comes to the Danger Brain blog I have nothing at all to talk about (and other times I’m ridiculously busy) so, in an attempt to keep the words moving the Blogaboutech Mixtape is just that: a  ”mixtape” of today’s more interesting tech news. Yeah, sure it deviates a bit from what I usually write about but hey, I’m trying something new… but fully intend to jump back into some serious game and media writing as soon as the next post. I promise!

South Korean Prisons are Employing… Robots!

Yeah, you think I’m kidding don’t you? I’m not. Beginning next year, South Korea will be using 150cm-tall robots on wheels to police their prisons. The $850, 000 machines will be used mainly at night — those damn overtime hours — using sensors to report suspicious behavior to the other lifeforms we call, uh, people.

The robots will be tested out for a month, but if it works out we know its a copycat league. Be prepared to see more robot police guards, followed by Robocops, Termintors, then those freaky-spider things we saw in the Matrix movies. Fucking Cylons!

Attempting to assuage such fears Kyonggi University professor, Lee Baik-chul had this to say:

“[T]he robots are not terminators. Their job is not cracking down on violent prisoners. They are helpers. When an inmate is in a life-threatening situation or seriously ill, he or she can reach out for help quickly.”

Isn’t that how all of these movies start!?

Video Game Controllers and Google Chrome Sitting in a Tree…

Arizona State University professor, James Paul Gee is just that, a “G”. We’ve got a lot in common. Both of us grew up in the Bay. We share the same alma mater (Go Goucho’s!), but it was his theories around video games that really sold me on the man as my spiritual brother from another mother. Namely, his belief that “video games are a new literacy.” They are literally something that one must learn how to play in order to access the information and experiences one can get from them.

Yeah, people use to think I was a nerd for stating such a thing. Cue the recent announcement that video game controllers will soon be compatible with Google’s Chrome web browser. No announcements yet on why Google decided to do this (although my guess is we’re going to see the end of video game consoles soon) but if you don’t know how to use your typical game controller than whatever a controller is used for — on a web browser or otherwise —  you can’t access it. And, considering how technological and interactive everything is moving towards not knowing how to use a game controller is akin to not knowing how to use a computer.

So, to the people who used to think I was crazy, nerdy or making lame excuses for playing Grand Theft Auto 4….Ha!!

I SPIT on My iPhone!

Phones these days have an app for just about anything, right? Well, they don’t have a doctor app — not yet, anyway. New Scientist is reporting that the Korea Advanced Institute for Science and Learning is working on, uh, something that will allow a touch screen to read a person’s saliva the way it currently reads your fingertips.

Stop laughing! I’m not finish.

Apparently… they’ve already taught the device how to detect chlamydia through a persons loogie. They anticipate that the company can make billions over night with the San Francisco market alone.

Geek Porn

I swear — I’ve not nothing.


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