O.R.P. – Urban Stitch (Re-Posted on Vimeo in Full)

In Black Oakland Renaissance, Culture, Film on April 3, 2012 at 4:26 am

I’ve been a little quiet with the Oakland Renaissance Project but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on it.

Over the summer we interviewed aspiring fashion business owner Alanna Rayford when she was a few months away from owning the keys to her downtown store front. Her business — the Runway Style House — is currently being constructed but to kick off the space she has since opened the Runway Style Lounge upstairs. The lounge is a community space, a chill spot and a venue for local designer Baba Afolabi to sell his SuRu clothing. I followed Alanna around for a few weeks to document the opening of one of Oakland’s most recent Black owned businesses.

* The title Urban Stitch is the property of Alanna Rayford. SuRu Apparel is the property of Baba Afolabi. Stay tuned for a short on Baba later this Summer. 


    Hello Damon, my name is Bob Bryan, filmmaker. I am currently looking for freelance professional Game Designers / Developers / Producer / Artists like yourself to interview for my new indie Educational Documentary focusing on the complex, ideosyncratic and uniquely Creative & Artistic Approach Dynamics involved in the conceptualization of the Indie Game Development Paradigm.

    My Documentary (unnamed at this time) will be a exploration of the individual approach, style and behind-the-scenes mechanics resonating in Game Development by the Creators.

    Location-wise, it is essential that our interviews take place in Los Angeles, CA.

    Production-wise, I will come to your home or studio to shoot. As the singular director/cameraman, the production team will be intimate and compressed (one-man production).

    Time-wise, I hope to shoot your sequence within a 3 hour window (Perhaps a follow-up session for b-roll) of course totally at your convenience. Thank you in advance for your generous consideration and future participation.

    All the very best and I hope to hear from you soon enuff,

    Respectfully yours,

    Bob Bryan, Indie Filmmaker

    PS We at Bryan World Productions are very honored that the multi award-winning GV Docu-Series has earned over 80 International Award and Festival Honors. We are humbled and proud that the Series is considered the:

    # 1 Contemporary Young Adult Documentary Series
    (Street Art, Literary Written Poetry, Spoken-Word Poetry, Beat-Boxing, Turntablism, Hip-Hop Dance, Music, the MC, Contemporary Women’s Roller Derby, Wayang Kulit-Balinese Puppet Theater)

    “Appropriate and useful classroom material…” – Committee for The Los Angeles County Office of Education

    “This well-produced examination of an underground Art form, explained by the Artists who created it will add a new dimension to Art Classes and to Library Video Collections. We recommend its use in High School and College Art Classes.” – School Library Journal

    “As either instruction or Social Document, this is a worthy addition, and is therefore recommended.” – Video Librarian

    “An unusual take on an often maligned Art form, this video will inspire Art Students.” – School Library Journal

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