Blogaboutech Mixtape, v. 4

In Technology on July 17, 2012 at 9:08 pm

At times when it comes to the Danger Brain blog I have nothing at all to talk about (and other times I’m ridiculously busy) so, in an attempt to keep the words moving the Blogaboutech Mixtape is just that: a  ”mixtape” of today’s more interesting tech news. Yeah, sure it deviates a bit from what I usually write about but hey, I haven’t written shit in months. Let me get my sea legs back.

Cell Phones. Slobber. And, Sizing Up a Potential Mate

The single life is brutal especially is you’re actively dating. You walk into a bar, a club, a coffee shop and you see so many potential prospects. A blind date. A hook up over Singles.com. One of your friends informs you that so and so has a thing for you. You have to pick one, right. That’s a big responsibility. Dating is an investment of time, energy, emotion and money. It’s an evaluation process and sometimes it can take days, weeks to finish your evaluation which is why any information you can gather to help you avoid these social and economic expenses is surely appreciated. If you agree then this one is for you: if you notice that that sexy album cover of a date talks on the phone a lot AVOID THEM AT ALL COST!!

At least, that’s what is implied in this new study at the Vidhya Shikshan Prasark Mandal’s Dental College and Research Centre, India. Apparently, “Heavy cell phone users have larger parotid glands, with higher levels of blood flow.” And, “they produce, and secrete, 26 percent more saliva on the side of the face where they typically hold their mobile phone.”

OK, that is gross.

The theory is that the electromagnetic radiation produced from a cell phone stimulates the production of saliva. It looks like they might be getting close to putting this one in the bag.

So, there’s one to watch out for, kids. If they’re always on the phone don’t kiss them, avoid talking to them in loud environments that require you to get close enough to their face to hear them (how about we avoid their face altogether), and watching them eat may not be a fun way to spend your evening.

Unless, you’re into that kind of thing.

A Man is Going to Block the Sun using Sulphate Aerosols for the Good of Mankind

Oh, well why didn’t you say that from the beginning, homie. I think there is absolutely nothing wrong with a person deliberately and consistently leaking a foreign substance in the air if the intended reason by said person is to help us live in an ecologically safe and healthy society.

Harvard Geo-Engineers want to release sulphate aerosols into the air — really soon — in a sort of get cool quick scam for the Earth. The “clouds” are supposed to redirect the sun’s heat rays back into space and cool us down. Piece of cake, yeah?

Fucking hate scientist.

NYC Commuter System Will Provide Proof that your Train was Late… Like a Doctors Note.

Although they’ve been heavily criticized for presenting this proof a little too late for people’s needs, I’m going to take the optimistic route and assume this will get faster which brings me to the problem:

It gives a smart ass kid yet another good excuse to use while I’m trying to get into his ass for missing my opening lecture. Can we put the use of this thing to a vote? Maybe, add some parental control software? Anyone?

Scientology TV is coming!

Scientology is about to get its very own television channel. So, if you’ve been waiting for that Tom Cruise movie marathon call your cable provider right now! Well, that’s the good news. Bad news is there goes yet another channel that you’ll have to surf through while you’re looking for Sportscenter.

  1. Yo! I like this mixtape idea. And that saliva thing. Ew.

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