Is That My Wedding on Ebony.com?!!

In Culture on July 29, 2012 at 5:56 am

As I tried to explain in an earlier post I’ve been absent from Danger Brain for a few months due to a little something called GETTING MARRIED!

Yes, I was officially hitched on June 1st which was well behind me — so I thought — until this tweet showed up yesterday morning.

Our photographer, Afolabi Sogunro of Fotos by Fola (and by the way he was really quite good) asked permission to submit our photos to a wedding website and my wife and I said, sure. I thought it was going to ILikeWeddings.com or something. What he really did was submit our photos to Munaluchi Bride’s online site. Cool, right? Well, somehow Ebony’s website got ahold of it as well and our wedding photos showed up on the front page of both Munaluchibride.com and Ebony.com yesterday which totally shocked the Hell out of me.

My wife and I really thought the wedding was amazing but, it looks like it may have been more impressive than we thought because it just won’t go away (and I say that in a good way). First, Afolabi posts it on his blog and it gets five thousand hits in five days and now this.

We did look good though.

  1. It was a pleasure to feature your wedding. We have a partnership with Ebony.com and knew they would love this wedding so we shared it with them. Wishing you and your wife the best in marriage!

  2. Sigh. Still so sad I missed this fantastic and special moment. Hopefully, I’ll be around when little Packs start runnin around the Town. Yall did look good, though. Your photographer did a great job.

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