Web Series Actually Speaks the Truth About Mitt Romney

In Politics, Technology on October 16, 2012 at 7:07 pm

Good ‘ol Mitt Romney.

I have been amazed at the amount of lies this man has told. What is more amazing is that he gets away with it! I keep think, “uh, did I just hear that? Am I the only one who just heard him lie about his stance on abortion rights? Anyone?” Well, this morning I’m feeling better after watching the first webisode of a series called Actually…

When lies go unchecked, we all lose. Actually.org spreads the truth, because the truth matters—even in politics. Our team calls ’em like they see ’em, and we hope you’ll support the truth by sharing Actually.org videos before Election Day.

Actually… is a partnership between American Bridge and JCER. Schlep Labs is a project of JCER. Actually… was produced by Amy Rubin at Barnacle Studios.

The first episode features Rosie Perez who has a little something to say about his famous quip about how advantageous it would be if he were Latino. This is the first of a few. Expect to see more from Sarah Silverman, Jay Smooth and W. Kamau Bell in the near future.


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