“Abandon” the Notion that Black People Don’t Like Sci-Fi

In Film, Technology on December 21, 2012 at 10:31 pm

I wrote a few months ago about the experience of award winning playwright and screenwriter Keith Josef Adkins pitching a science fiction story starring five African American men. At the time there was no description of the plot other than that because the executive listening to the pitch quickly shot the brotha down.

Queue the very loud booing noise.

His reason: the science fiction market consists of white dudes from the ages of 13 and 49, so take yo’ black ass to a campfire somewhere and tell that story!

I made up that last part, but the pitch didn’t go so well and neither did the pitches that followed, so Mr. Adkins revealed that he was fed up and decided to circumvent Hollywood to go the web series route. As I said then, black people are taking over YouTube and yet another new series, Adkins’ The Abandon debut last night and it’s pretty good.

The filmmaking isn’t going to wow you as it was shot on a meager budget. However, the acting is good (something that is often bad in web shows) and the writing is well paced and boasts some surprising dialogue. The Abandon appears to be your standard aliens-are-taking-over-the-world type of story, but by mid-episode I quickly understood and believed the tension between the characters and was genuinely into what was happening.

It’s impressive to see that Adkins got this out so quickly as he just announced his intentions in July. It may have something to do with the fact that he kept the plot simple by letting it revolve around a group of guys on a camping trip, so most of this episode takes place in the woods.

I hear and certainly hope there are more webisodes to come. Check it out. Get hooked and support the continuing take over of YouTube by black folks. We’re coming… like these aliens in this web series, son!


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