Watch. This. No Nearer to GOD

In Film, Technology on March 31, 2013 at 10:51 pm

Every time I disappear for an extended period of time I tend to return with a movie of some sort. Well, here I go again. I made a short movie and it’s called No Nearer to GOD. The synopsis is below and the movie is above.

No Nearer to GOD 

Valentin Wong is a modern day professional living in the Bay Area. Due to his job, Val spends most of his time connected to numerous mobile devices: his laptop, smart phone and tablet. Over the last few months he’s been hard at work on a project that has required him to read numerous emails, online documents, and research material. When he isn’t reading, Val is coordinating with people through various social networking sites and negotiating low level programming languages like Processing and HTML 5.

When we meet Val, his workload has caught up to him, and he is suffering from information anxiety. He is having trouble sleeping and when he does manage to rest he dreams of a mysterious woman that he can quite see. Soon Val becomes obsessed with “Her” and see’s a therapist in the hopes of discovering who she is.

Is she a figment of his imagination? A person from his past? A symbol of something he is trying to remember? Is she merely a hallucination? And, when he sees her is he awake or dreaming?

No Nearer to GOD is a short film inspired by the last chapter of James Gleick’s The Information. Titled New News Everyday, the focus of the chapter is on how we are inundated with all the information we can ask for, but for the first time this has created a condition where we struggle to make room for new information because we’re filled with so much already. Are we getting smarter? Are we getting more knowledgeable? Are we wiser? Or, is technology burying us in more information than we can handle resulting in a regression of intelligence, reflection and wisdom?

These are the questions that New News Everyday addresses and they are themes that No Nearer to GOD will explore using film styles from the L.A. Rebellion Film Movement and the French New Wave, with direct inspiration from Khalil Joseph’s short film, The Model.

  1. Looooved it!!! That was tight. More, more!!

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