Watch. This. I’m a Thesis Candidate!

In Culture, Technology on June 25, 2013 at 12:03 am

I might disappear for a while but it’s always for a good reason. I officially became a thesis candidate in May and as of last week I submitted my thesis proposal. I’m in a unique masters degree program. Earning your MA is dependent on completing a group project. So, with the help of the other three people I’m working with, I have a year to produce an interactive project. Our thesis question is:

How do you transcode street art into the digital realm so it is accessible, comprehensible, identifiable and accepted in public and private space?

It’s a little crazy how we came up with the idea. Marta Nassalska (one of my thesis partners) and I were in the Mission shooting a documentary on Developing Environments, an apartment building full of artists. We were ten minutes away from doing our first interview when I started looking around at the street art. I have a lot of history with the Mission. That neighborhood has been an integral part of my life so all of these memories starting rushing in. I told Marta, “let’s scrap this idea and do a documentary on the Mission street art scene.” She didn’t like doing a quick switch but she did like the idea. Fast forward a month and we decided to come up with a different iteration of that idea. It’s a lot more interactive. We’re focusing on mobile devices. And, that’s all I’m going to give you for now.

We did a launch trailer. Check it out below:



“Be” – Common – Be

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    This is dope Unc

  2. This is dope Unc. Can’t wait to see the finally vid or even possibly read the thesis.

    • Thanks, man. Your uncle is out here grindin’! By the end of the year I have to have an app on the Apple store to get my MA. Me and my team are going for it.

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