About DB

Danger Brain began in 2010 as an examination of the intersections between urban education and film, television, social networking, and gaming. I started this blog as a collage of sorts, a dumping ground for ideas that my media-obsessed self was storing away in my right cerebral cortex, an exorcism of the thoughts that gripped my brain on public transportation rides to and from my education-related gig. Since then, DB has grown to focus on exploring all things multimedia, the technology that supports it, and its influence on popular culture — with only a pinch of education-related discussion still thrown in.

Regarding my work as an educator, I work primarily with young people ages 15-25 around college preparation and academic development and media and technology. I am especially adept at developing youth programs. To achieve this, I combine design thinking and cultural ethnography to identify hidden genius, talent, desire, motivation and fear. I combine group collaboration (virtually and in person) and one-on-one sessions to create trust, understanding and shared learning. I use play and exploration as a disguise for learning, and I passionately emphasize humor and silliness.

  1. Love your blog, babe. Keep it up!

  2. Great and Awesome Work son.

    “A Mother’s Love”

  3. Good afternoon,
    I know you have been following the Upward Bound story, and appreciate your interest. With this in mind, I wanted to share with you the progress made over the past two months and announced late Friday. A committed group of individuals from USF and the San Francisco community have been working to ensure the future of Upward Bound. USF will indeed continue to sponsor the Upward Bound program. Enclosed below is the message that was sent to USF staff, faculty, and students on Friday afternoon.
    Please let me know if I can answer any questions for you.
    Thank you for reading,

    Dear USF Community,

    I am happy to announce that USF has agreed to continue its sponsorship of the Upward Bound program, and that we will continue a relationship which started more than 40 years ago.

    For many weeks now, we have been working behind the scenes to secure the future of the program. In a meeting today, we forged a genuine partnership with the community, and agreed to form an advisory board that will provide Upward Bound with a new level of oversight and accountability. The Board will help assure the quality of the student experience and help guide the overall direction and management of the program.

    Key faculty have agreed to integrate Upward Bound into teaching/learning and research, and to become directly involved in the program. USF will provide classrooms as they are available, with the understanding that an administrative office and some classrooms will need to be located in the San Francisco community. Everyone benefits from this arrangement: the program, the community, and the university.

    Participating in today’s meeting were faculty and students from the USF School of Education, representatives from the San Francisco religious community and the USF administration, Chuck Smith, Vice Chair of USF’s Board of Trustees and Joe Marshall, USF alumnus and Trustee Emeritus. I want to thank these dedicated and hard-working individuals for helping us in this important work.

    I also applaud our students, staff and faculty who champion social justice and the rights of the less privileged. This goes to the heart of USF’s mission and rich history. I believe USF is a good place with a good heart.

    There are many important details to be worked out, but today’s agreement signals a fresh start for Upward Bound, and for its relationship with USF and the community of San Francisco. I am proud to be part of this university.

    Mary J. Wardell
    Associate Vice Provost for Diversity and Community Engagement

    • Hello!

      My name is Jacques (Founder of Gideon Games Inc.), I’m a Bronx born Puerto Rican Video Game Designer based out of Marietta Ga. I read your page on “Hispanics and Blacks Missing in Gaming Industry”, and was moved to contact you. I want to present the community with an example of Latino pride and capability within this video game industry. I served once on the Professional Advisory Committee at the Art Institute of Atlanta to help mold the next generation of students and their education (Which I am a huge proponent of considering my business partner Dr. A.Tyner is a founding faculty member of New Community College at CUNY). I run my business as an independent game design and development studio focusing on games for XBOX and other game platforms and I wanted to cordially extend an invitation for you to visit my website (GideonGames.com). If at all possible please contact me I’d like to chat a bit.

      Thank you!

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